Introducing SyncUP
An easy-to-use system that gives you total visibility over your sync licensing opportunities at every stage of the game.
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SyncUP dashboard
Playlist pitch

Easily create opportunities

Create (or link to) opportunities at any stage of your outbound pitches or inbound requests. 

Manage your pipeline with total visibility

No more disconnected spreadsheets! View your global sync opportunities in one easy dashboard.

Get the big picture

Manage opportunity details and get an interactive list of all associated pitches, quotes, and licenses. 

Track opportunities from start to finish

Track the journey of every opportunity from pitch requested to license executed in one place.

Opportunity details
Edit quote

Auto-populate data to eliminate re-keying

Instantly fill quotes and licenses with the sound recording and composition details in your system.

Customize your quotes & licenses

Create as many quote and license templates as you need to serve your licensees globally.

No more missed deals

Keep track of your team's opportunities in order of importance and increase response times.

Get valuable business intelligence

Assess your performance and optimize business processes with global reporting and analytics.

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